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8th Grade Science Syllabus
Community House Middle School
Phone: 980-343-0689
Sandy Messana – Team:Mountaineers
Tracy Dedrick – Team: Hornets
Dana Frank – Team: Pirates
L. Sanders – 1st block Co-teacher

Lisa Sarnelli - Team Hornets
Welcome to 8th grade science! We hope your child looks forward to this year with anticipation and excitement. We welcome parents to visit our science class and encourage you to take an active role in making this a successful year for your child.
We believe students learn best by “doing” and our class reflects that philosophy with hands-on-activities and laboratory experience. They should be challenged and taught study skills and critical thinking skills to assist them in meeting the challenge. Students should have a higher level of understanding of science concepts than that of rote memorization. We believe students process material and learn in a variety of ways; therefore, our instruction reflects their many learning styles.
Our goals for students are…
  • To become independent learners
  • To acquire a variety of study skills
  • To understand the nature of science
  • To explore a variety of science careers
  • To become current on the events occurring in the field of science
  • To independently conduct laboratory experiments and analyze their results
  • To make real world connections
  • To master all science concepts
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us by note, email, or phone at 980-343-0689. We will do our best to return your call within 24 hours. Also please check your child’s agenda regularly for assignments and communication from the teachers. We believe we must work as a team to support your child.
Tutoring Times Tutoring days and times will be established by individual teams and teachers. If your child needs help, please have them schedule a day for tutoring. Review sessions may be held by teachers throughout the year.
Ms. Frank’s Tutoring: Mondays (drop in) 7:45 – 8:45 and 4:15-5:15. I am available other times as well, please make an appointment so I know you are coming and we can avoid a schedule conflict!
  • Basic supplies requested by CHMS & Spiral Bound Index Cards for Vocabulary
  • Spiral Notebook for Interactive Notebooks; Scotch Tape; Colored Pencils; Pens (blue or blk & RED) & Pencils; Glue Sticks

Homework assignments and class information are posted weekly. Please access your science teacher’s web page through CHMS website. Mrs. Frank: http://danafrank.cmswiki.wikispaces.net
Course Description In 8th grade science we will study fundamental concepts in the following topics:
Earth’s History & the
Chemical Interactions &
Earth's Resources
Living Systems
Disease Agents & Transmission
Late Work / Absences
All work must be turned in on time to receive full credit. All late & incomplete homework will receive a 50%. Homework not completed will receive a ZERO. If a student is absent, missed work should be made up within 5 days of returning to school. If major labs are missed the student needs to schedule an appointment within the week. Otherwise, an alternate assignment may be required to take its place.
Following CMS policy, the grades are divided as indicated: Homework 10% , Class work 45% (warm-ups, labs, graded assignments), Formal Assessments 45% (tests, quizzes, projects). We try to give students a one week notice before a test so they have time to study and get extra help if needed. Students will be graded on organization and completion of selected assignments. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced, so be sure to study hard. CMS policy states that if a student scores below a 70% on exams that the student may request a retest to increase his/her score. However, the new score may not exceed 77%. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange such retests.
We expect professionalism not only in our students’ behavior but in their work as well. Each assignment should reflect an end product that your child is proud of. Papers should be neat and thorough. All students are expected to do their best!
Rules and Procedures
Communicate only with permission
Remain in your seat
Keep hands, feet and other objects to oneself
Use school appropriate language
Destroy nothing
Entire class quietly and begin working
Sharpen pencils before class begins
Bathroom and water fountain during passing period
Follow lab safety rules
Follow the guidelines in the Rights and Responsibility hand book, as well as, the Community House handbook.
School-Wide Discipline Plan
  • 1st Offense: Warning to Student (verbal, move seat, etc.)
  • 2nd Offense: Ten-Minute Time Out to Teammate

Parent Contact MUST be made for ALL Offenses listed below:
  • 3rd Offense: Teacher-Designated Consequence (lunch detention with teacher, after-school detention with teacher, immediate parent phone communication with child present, parent conference, other as approved by administrator)
  • 4th Offense: Class Removal – for remainder of class
  • 5th Offense: Referral to AP

* * For serious infractions, such as FIGHTS, INSUBORDINATION, etc., referrals will be written immediately